The Cats

These are the cats that serve as inspiration for their fictional counterparts.

MISFIT – The real life counterpart to Krissy’s house cat.  Misfit came into our lives when he was only six weeks old.  He was small and sick but very demanding and lovable from the start.  He lived a good life for twelve years until he was diagnosed with cancer, and my wife and I eventually had to say goodbye.

TROUBLE – The real life counterpart to the store cat.  Trouble is my mom’s cat.  He was born underneath the steps to my parents’ old house.  He was feral, but it didn’t take long for his curious nature to come out and help him warm up to my dad.  He is currently living a happy and spoiled life.



3 thoughts on “The Cats

  1. Tammy M. Smith

    LOVE the cats!!! I happened to see your books in a Barnes and Noble located in Boulder, Colorado today. From the snippets on the back of the two I picked up, it looks like your series is meant for teens. Is that how you would describe them, or are they intended for adult readers? I look forward to hearing from you when you have a moment. Thank you!


  2. kittsklosetdollclothes

    Hi Alex, I feel awkward mentioning this but some of the Amazon reviews of the first book are calling it kind of a spoof on typical cozies? I like a good spoof myself but was just wondering if they’re just crazy or what lol. All the covers look very inviting, the story premise looks fun too. To me if a book is a sort of spoof (think the old Batman series!) I think it can be a fun thing. Thanks, sometimes it helps to go to the source and not believe reviews if you know what I mean? 😉


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